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Olivia Li is a multidisciplinary artist-writer based in Queens, NY, where she freelances in marketing communications, motion graphics, design, and illustration. She was a core administrative member of the Boston Comics Roundtable for two years, co-founded the comics collective Robot Camp, and publishes as Lenticule Press. She is currently an MFA Visual Narrative student at SVA, class of 2021.

Olivia invests much of her creative focus in the destigmatization of mental illness, and in centering marginalized perspectives (whether it is by depicting her own experiences or providing a platform for others). Her comics dive into this focus through magic, myth, and the lives of urban ambiverts. One day she’ll either eat the world or collapse into herself as a black hole. There is no in-between.


Twitter @Olovia

Instagram @heyolovia


Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex, September 2017 - 'Do You Remember,' 2-page comic

New Frontiers, July 2017 - 'Slant,' 1-page comic

Campfire #2: Ghosts, June 2017 - 'From the Fog,' 14-page comic; book design

Errand of Mercy: The Irish Potato Blight and the Good Ship Jamestown, April 2017 - 8-page comic (interior art)

Campfire #1: Journeys, October 2016 - 'Last Sighted,' illustration; book design

Boundless Vol. 1, July 2016 - 'Octet,' 11-page comic (co-writer, art); editor-in-chief; book design; spot illustration


MICE Art Show 2018, 2016

Bubblewrap, January-February 2018


MICE Mini-Grant 2018 recipient, for Good Morning, Gorgon!