Dirty Diamonds #8: Sex

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Examples of the art style I will most likely be using for this comic.

There will be a lot of dark background, a lot of backlighting. Characters will be more detailed but faces will mostly be obstructed by lighting.

The comic is framed as a Tumblr message to the guy I lost my virginity to, about a sour memory from early in our relationship. It's kind of a poem. (In case it is not clear in the thumbnails, he was looking at Tumblr..)

Hey man
It's been a while
Actually, it's been a long time
since that night
when I was nineteen
and had only just started kissing
(with you)
You were sharing a room at the time
so there was
a very real (thrill)
of being caught
You staged us nervously
so we could look
quickly innocent
at the first sounding of footsteps on the stairs
Our sex life for
the next three years
was fun and full
but I can't think of that first time
I can't think of someone in my mouth
I can't think of your bedroom
Without choking on
the memory of salt
at the back of my throat
and a boy who won't
look me in the eyes.