Can You Please Stop

is an ongoing project that deals with experiences of mental illness and health. It has evolved over the course of my thesis year of 2017-18, and continues to evolve. I'll be posting some of the components of the project here over time, as I develop it to its final form.

Spring 2018

These are 15ft x 4ft ink drawings on rolls of paper, and are ridiculously hard to document.

Spring 2018

For my written thesis, I assembled a small collection of personal essays, titled 'Can't I Just Tweet About It.' (Click here for PDF)


Winter 2017-18

2ft x 2ft and 2ft x 4ft prints made from larger ink drawings, displayed in 'Bubblewrap,' January-February 2018. An installation space (images to come) contained copies of the text zine 'Can You Please Stop.'