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Boundless Vol. 1

Boundless Vol. 1

With the Boston Comics Roundtable

224 pages, 2016

Editor in chief, book design, spot illustration

Boundless #1, a collection of 33 science comics, is the seventeenth anthology published by the Boston Comics Roundtable (BCR), a community of comics creators in the Greater Boston Area. I've been with BCR since November 2014; Boundless is the second anthology I've made as an editor and book designer, Spellbound #1 being the first. We ran a successful Kickstarter to fund the print run and the artists' payment, raising over 200% of our initial goal and tripling the page rate for the contributors.

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Interior cover spot illustration

Header illustration - Cells

Header illustration - DNA

The book!

Sample page from Octet, the story I co-wrote and illustrated for Boundless