SPX 2016

Last weekend I attended SPX in Bethesda for the first time! It was incredibly fun and also kind of overwhelming; the weekend felt like five hectic days jammed up next to each other, probably compounded by the fact that I drove a total of over twenty hours between Friday and Monday. I love small press shows, the energy always hypes me up for my own work. And it's great to see all the people I only get to see a couple times a year at these things! I will absolutely be applying for Robot Camp to table there next year.

Books I bought (in order as best I can manage from this photo):

Some awkward photos of prints that I've already put up in the little print corner of my desk:

Print by Kate Sheridan

Print from Changing of the Guards by Z Akhmetova

Not pictured because they're at home and I'm posting this from my studio:

SPX exhibitor badge print by Rebecca Mock

Smut Peddler reprint from Iron Circus

Robot Camp has our first table at RIPE this coming weekend! After that, we're at MICE the weekend of 10/29-10/30, and then we're done with conventions for the year. I'll have Gorgon #1 and #2 and Boundless at RIPE, as well as some new enamel pins my brother and I designed (not pictured because they're waiting for me in the mailbox at home!). There will be a few things debuting at MICE, including a Gorgon minicomic and the first Robot Camp anthology, Campfire: Journeys, which I am laying out in InDesign as we speak!