New self portrait!

I wanted a new icon for social media, so I did a new drawing of myself! It has the added bonus of containing two of my most-used emoji. ✌️✨

Been tossing up a lot of peace signs lately. Some of our extended family visited Massachusetts recently, and my aunt commented while taking photos of my cousins and my brother and me that Max and I have gotten 'very Chinese' because of the peace signs thing, haha. I think I just feel weird when people take pictures of me so I automatically pull faces and put up my hands.

I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to get really obsessive with hair whenever I draw it. I'll start out pretty simple and then get really caught up in pulling out strands and end up with way too much attention on the hair compared to the rest of the person. Someday I'll evolve into Full Trungles and start rendering every single hair.