RIPE & MICE 2016

Our convention season is over! Here's my last couple of months.

Bostonian Robot Campers on our way to Providence!

Table setup on Saturday morning

Robot Camp had its debut table at this year's RIPE, which is run by the Providence comics and zines community and took place over the last weekend of September. It's a pretty low-key show, so it was a great chance for us to figure out how to organize the table. (Last year's RIPE, in March, was the first time I'd tabled at a show with my own work! Ben and I shared a quarter of a table to debut the first Gorgon book, along with a few of his minicomics.)

The first morning, I woke up with what I assume was con plague from SPX that had laid dormant for a week, so I was pretty much out of it all weekend. I only nabbed a couple of things from other exhibitors, but there was a lot of great stuff, as always.

What I got (no pictures):

A few hours into 24-Hour Comics Day

Last year I helped organize a 24-Hour Comics Day event at the Boston Comics Workspace, but this year we decided to have a Robot Camp get-together at Jordan and Neil's place. Those of us who were able to make it all used the time to make progress on existing projects rather than marathoning new projects from start to finish; we made goals for ourselves at the outset and spent the weekend getting through them. I thumbnailed and penciled Catstar #0 from Jordan's script; it was my first time working off a straight script that someone gave me rather than thumbnails or layouts, and the ridiculous deadline definitely helped push me along. We're planning to do more intense work sessions together in the future, although maybe a more reasonable twelve hours instead.

Neil and Michelle manning the Robot Camp table at MICE!

Aaaand MICE! MICE is my favorite show to table at out of all the conventions I've been to so far. This year it was the last weekend of October, right before Halloween, so a lot of exhibitors (and some attendees) were in costume. MICE is our home turf convention, since five out of eight Robot Campers live in the Boston area, and Jordan is one of the amazing badasses in charge of making the whole show run smoothly. All told, we had seven debut books on the table, four of which I had a hand in making, including the first Campfire, our group anthology. I was on the '10 Years of BCR' panel, marking the tenth anniversary of the Boston Comics Roundtable; it was interesting hearing people's experiences with the local comics community before I came along two years ago. MICE was a really great show full of friends and cool comics, and a good final table of 2016!

Books I got at MICE:

Other things from MICE:

Honestly, I'm really glad the season is over for me, though. The next show we've applied for is TCAF in May, so I'm going to use the coming six months to recalibrate and get some projects going without the strain of a convention deadline. Next on deck: Finish Gorgon vol. 3!