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Lenticule Press


is a new micro-publisher that centers perspectives on life through different angles. All in the Family will be Lenticule’s first title.


LB Lee’s psychological murder memoir about the vagaries of memory

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LB Lee had been aware of their multiple personalities for years, and thought there were no more surprises left in their head. But in 2014, something was off. They were being tormented by nightmares, bombarded by images that felt…familiar. So they went looking for ghosts. And found them.

All in the Family is a psychological murder memoir in comics form. It’s about multiple personality, the vagaries of memory, and the role story plays in our lives. All in the Family was originally self-published as four zines between 2014 and 2016. Plural* fans have told LB the series has helped them come to terms with their own histories and memories, while Abraham Riesman of Vulture called it “one of the most brutal and engaging comics I’ve ever read.”

* ‘Plural’ is a self-identifier for folks who experience life as more than one person residing in a body. This includes those with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), multiple personalities, and those who experience it outside of medical definitions. For more information, refer to the extra readings, particularly ‘MPD For You and Me’ and ‘All in the Family: The Research Part.’

A note about mature content

As All in the Family is essentially a book about a life born out of trauma, the author and publisher believe it is important to attach a content warning, so that readers may use informed discretion in the interest of comfort and safety. We also realize that this content warning includes spoilers for the narrative; click below to see it.

+ Click for content warning:

  • Sexual, physical, and emotional violence against children
  • Memory and reality distortion
  • Death and suicide
  • Rape
  • Self-harm and blood
  • Vomit
  • Non-abusive sexual content